Module 8 Angles

Angles - Teacher Notes

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NRICH: Property Chart
NRICH: Quadrilaterals!
NRICH: ...on the Wall
Semi-regular Tessellations
NRICH: Triangles in Circles 
NRICH: Orbiting billiard balls
NRICH: Subtended Angles 
NRICH: Right Angles
NRICH: Circle-in
NRICH Subtended Angles
NRICH: Lens Angle

Make a Protractor by folding a square
Circle Theorem Applet



Estimating Angles

Nrich Angle Estimation Game

Excellent game from the Nrich website, where two players or teams try to estimate the size of angles more accurately than their opponent to win points



Interactive: Angles around a Point Jigsaw

Can you put these shapes together so that the angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees, and those around a point equal 360?.


Drawing and  Measuring Angles - Click here

Angles on Parallel lines

Exterior Angles of a Polygon

This lovely gif should be shown and pupils ask to draw the conclusion that exterior angles in a polygon add up to 3600 - Click here


Angles in Polygons Challenge

Angle Proof

What does this prove?   More than one thing?

Angles and Bearings
[Thanks to Jo @mathsjam]

See my blog post on angles for ideas and resources

Bearings worksheets and Finding bearings - The Chalk Face


Constructing Perpendicular Using Circle Theorem

Click here @solvemymaths

Circle Theorems
[Thanks to Jo @mathsjam]

Geogebra apps and worksheet -

Parts of a circle interactive -

Blank circle theorems - The Chalk Face

Circle theorems/angles thoughts and crosses - Number Loving

Circle theorem questions (some extension) -

Circle Theorems workout - Teachit Maths

Circle Theorems and Hula Hoops - lesson idea from Mr Reddy/Suffolk Maths

Circle Theorems poster activity - NCETM

Circle theorems revision online task - MathsPad


Congruent Circles Prove the triangle at the centre is right angled.



Angles to Remember