Module 3 Constructions

Constructions - Teacher Notes

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NRICH: Estimating Angles 
Six Places to Visit
NRICH: How Safe Are You? 
NRICH: Can You Explain Why?
NRICH: Triangles to Tetrahedra
NRICH: Marbles in a Box 
: Shadow Play
NRICH: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Turning Triangles
Is there a Theorem
NRICH: Squirty
NRICH: The Line and its Strange Pair
NRICH Figure of Eight
Make a Protractor by folding a square
Robo Compass
Construction Kit
Nets of Polyhedra

Making with Paper Ideas
Constructing 3D Mobiles
NGFL Polyhedra Investigation
Soma Cube
Interactive Isometric Paper & Views
Top Loci Resources
Taken 2 Movie Clip
Construction Kit
Demo - Real Life Example
Design your own Questions
Euclid Challenges


Nets of Shapes

Pose the following question with an emphasis on pupils giving a convincing explanation - without paper before allowing them to check.

Which Ones Work?

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Quadrilateral family tree

Quadrilateral Quest - Teams/Lacoe

Quadrilaterals Always Sometimes Never - Lisa Bejarano

Shape Shoot - Flash Maths


Loci and Constructions
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Loci challenges booklet - The Chalk Face

Loci investigations - The Chalk Face

Grid Loci - Median Don Steward

Constructions tasks - Median Don Steward

Online constructions demonstrations and tools

Constructions comics - Mr Collins


2D/3D Drawing
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Faces and elevations activity - Median Don Steward

Drawing in 2D and 3D (slides/activities) - Dan Walker on TES

Drawing skills: isometric projection - source unknown, sorry
Isometric Drawing Tool

Isometric drawing activities - Median Don Steward

Net Tasks - Median Don Steward

Stack 'em up - Churchill Maths

Nets of solids -


Angle Bisector

Alternative Method

Strasbourg Cathedral            

Discuss the geometrical constructions the builder would have employed if he were limited to the following tools: a straight iron rod of 16.5 feet, string and a piece of chalk.