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I worked with a group of pupils from St Mark's Primary School in Ipswich and put together a Maths Trail.  The pupils spent time in two and threes walking around the site making up mathematical questions and then went back and took the appropriate photos.

These were then pulled together to form a PowerPoint.  I anticipate selections of questions being printed off depending upon the ability of the group.  It would also be possible to attach an audio file so that those with poor reading ability could still access the questions.

Clearly the PowerPoint is designed for St Mark's School but they can be easily adapted and photos of your school inserted.

Click here to download the PowerPoint (3Mb)

Mathematical Problem Solving Questions for G&T Year 5-6 Pupils             Questions             Answers              

Maths Challenge Questions       pdf form            doc form

Maths Challenge Answers         pdf form            doc form

Maths Challenge Score Card     pdf form           doc form

Maths Challenge Teachers Notes    pdf form    doc form

Scheduling Task

Tessellation Boxes       pdf form    doc form

Year 6 Maths Day

Fraction Wheels is based around conversion between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (which was done either using division, the F to D function on the calculator or by picking simple fractions.  The final result consists of two circles with the top one having 3 windows which reveal 3 representatives of the same value: a fraction, a decimal and a percentage.  Cut out two circles of the same size (slide 3 on the powerpoint) and cut out 3 windows from one of the circles one from the Fraction ring, one decimal and one percentage.  Using a split pin the wheel is now complete.  We also used the front circle to create an image with rotational symmetry

Making a FDP Dialler.ppt

Template 1.ggb       Template 2.ggb

Teaching Resource for FDP       Teaching Resource for Rotational Symmetry