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The Role of Maths in Computing


YouTube Clips

Tomorrows World 1969 - Looking at the Computer Nellie - Online

Catalogue Search - Boolean Operators - Online
Search faster on the Internet - Online

Domino Addition - Modelling Binary Addition - Numberphile

Winning at NIM using Binary - Click here

Computer Programming with Binary - PowerPoint                   ASCII Table                Worksheet

‘Y8 Computing’ – Powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the history and some tasks


References and Resources

Sum Books – Higher

10 Ticks – Level 5, Pack 5, Pages 31-34

Interactive Flow Chart sorting shapes

Flow Chart worksheet - Classifying Triangles

Flow Chart worksheet - Classifying Quadrilaterals

Flow Charts

Boolean Logic 

References and Resources

‘Adders’ – A Powerpoint presentation and some printable cards for a whole class activity showing how the combination of Boolean operations can be used to achieve addition.

Extension Task on Truth Tables - Click here

Twisty Logic

Circuit Maker

Truth Tables and Electronic Circuits

Simple Counting Machine

Woman in Maths – Article including information about Ada Lovelace