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Christmas Activities

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The Great Elf Game

Alternative Link -    Rules   Record Sheet with Formulas (Fill in red cells)  Record Sheet pdf   Virtual Dice
Christmas Game ppt Christmas Game - Pupil Sheet    



Cost of Christmas Project

Christmas Presents Project Christmas Elves Project  

Drawing / ICT

Christmas Tangrams Star Reflections Logo Stars 1 Logo Stars 2

2D Constructions

Snowflakes, Starflakes, Swirlflakes Four Pointed Star

Six Pointed Star

Folder 6 Pointed Star Stars Stars from Circles
Ten Pointed Star Five Pointed Star Julie's 5 Pointed Star
Make a Unique Star Stars from Rotating Shapes Make a right Angled Star
Fold and Cut Folded Woven Star Christmas Curve Stitching
Hexagons and Circles Techniques for Cutting Snowflakes  
3D Constructions    
Santa Tetrahedral Box Folded Gift Tags Paper Snowflakes

Candle Box - Bowland

The Christmas Decoration Tree Ornaments
Paper Chains    
Fractal Tree
These Think Maths worksheets have all the instructions and printable nets required to build 3D fractals, both a Menger Sponge and a Sierpinski Tetrahedron. They work fine on A4 plain paper, but when printed on A3 card, they can result in some truly impressive structures - Original Link - Alternative Link [See picture on the right from Oma at Holbrook High]


Maths with Paper Chains The Christmas Party Too Much Money for the Bank Some Christmas Puzzles
Christmas Puzzles 1 Christmas Puzzles 2 Christmas Puzzles 3 Christmas Puzzles 4
Logic Puzzles 1 Logic Puzzles 2 Logical Santa Pascal and 12 days of Christmas
Christmas Quiz Questions Christmas Quiz Answers Mince Pies On the First Day of Christmas
Tree Presents Christmas Presents Psychic Santa Santa's Codes
Santa's Sleigh Ride Santa's Reindeers Logic Puzzle    Solution Advent Calendar Quiz Christmas Countdown - Number Properties

Mysteries & Relays

Who Killed Santa Mystery Christmas Relay Who Kidnapped Santa 5 Christmas Mysteries

Maths in Context

12 Days of Christmas Expressions Speedy Santa - Bowland Christmas Lights nth term Snowflake Perimeters
Recycling Christmas Waste Christmas Estimations